Information About Seventh Gathering

When/Where: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 6:00 PM at The Commons Brooklyn (388 Atlantic Ave., 2nd floor)

For our seventh gathering, we will be focusing on restorative justice (community accountability) as a form of direct action. We will be viewing a series of short videos detailing restorative justice practices.

Suggested Readings:

Additional Suggested Readings (if you have the time):


One thought on “Information About Seventh Gathering

  1. What an amazing Cafe and group of individuals this evening. I was honored to be there in the presence of so many really strong spirits and thinking individuals. I learned more than I can describe. It was really a healing event, everyone was respectful and articulate- the way I dream dialogues would take place. This OWS tribe is quite remarkable. I’m very sad to leave at this time when a celebration of Occupy is unfolding but I know that everyone who’s present for this will rock the Occupation. Happy Occupation!!! I’ll be back in three weeks!!

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