Information About First Gathering

When/Where: July 24, 2012 at 6:00 PM at 16 Beaver St. in Manhattan.

Readings for first gathering:

Additional readings (if you have the time):

We will also be viewing Shutdown: The Rise and Fall of Direct Action Against the War (2008), a documentary reflecting on the shutdown and occupation of the Financial District in San Francisco on March 20, 2003.


One thought on “Information About First Gathering

  1. I (very much) look forward to the 24-July gathering, and the establishment of a new nexus for communication and communion among those people with a direct action mindset. It seems that the first event has far more readings – and the film – than there will be time for – even if we listen and watch ’til dawn. That’s great! 🙂

    However, if the Café de Cleyre needs more great media for future events, I volunteer to bring my collection of ecological/political documentary films down for others to watch, enjoy, and learn from. Please understand, none of the material is mine, I have only been collecting it for two years.

    I currently have over 40 great documentaries on many subjects – from a powerful expose of the Koch brothers, to the award-winning anti-fracking film ‘Gasland’ and its sequel ‘The Sky Is Pink’.

    Astoundingly, it is totally legal to watch this media! It falls under the ‘fair use’ concept of US copyright law. The only two restrictions are that screenings are for ‘educational purposes’ and that the screenings be pro-bono, no fee, or charge. Since all these films are documentaries, they are, by definition, educational. Nor do I ever charge for screenings, never have, never will…

    I am a media activist – showing this amazing, inspiring media is one of my forms of direct action. I will screen anywhere in NYC that I can get to by subway, and ask only that you gather an audience of five or more people…

    For a list of the films, and a description of my project, please email me –
    Some discussion (slightly dated) of the project can be found at the BOTTOM of my scrolling website and also on my blog

    To entice you a bit, I’ll paste an excerpt from my website:

    April 2011 – update

    Are you interested in media that actually tells the truth about the Earth and our
    impact on it? I have recently started a pro bono (no admission fee) media project to
    showcase videos and films of outstanding quality – that are never seen in the
    mainstream media. When we screen, you can see powerful, accurate reportage and
    documentaries – all for free!

    It’s called M.O.R.E. – The (M)edia (O)ut (R)each (E)ffort.


    To create public, no fee screenings of outstanding documentary films and videos.
    The media we’ll present is widely acclaimed, often award-winning, and always both
    enjoyable and educational.

    Our focus will be on media that exposes the connections between (and among)
    polluting energy systems, global warming, environmental destruction, economic
    disruption, food and water shortages, political instability, and the myriad of other
    problems we are collectively endangered by.

    Our goal is to shine a bright light of clear truth on the problems we all face. To cut
    through the smoke-and-mirrors of mass media. The dozens of superb videos/films
    that are presentable, do this with clarity, grace, humor, and passion.

    Watching them may change your life – they changed ours, made us want to focus
    on showing them to other people on a pro bono basis. The truths displayed are so
    vivid, so inescapable, that they will have a profound effect on viewers, just as they
    did on us. At least that is our hope…

    Thank you for reading this (very long) post! 🙂

    John Hechtman

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